SUPERSTORM by Kathryn Miles

Wisconsin Public Radio has Kathryn back to talk about Superstorm and the impacts of risk, listen to the archive of the interview here:

Read the excerpt of SUPERSTORM featured in TIME magazine this week:

Kathryn recently sat down with Simon Worrall of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC'S "book talk" to discuss Sandy, storm warnings, and why we are all at risk:

Kathryn appeared on The Weather Channel's AMHQ to talk about her book Superstorm on October 16, mere days before the two year anniversary of the storm. Here is the interview:

Kathryn recently visited with NPR's KPCW to talk about sattelites and weather prediction in the US. Listen to the audio archive of the interview here:

Book Reviewer Susannah Nesmith of the Miami Herald says "Miles' reporting is voluminous. A lessor writer would have struggled to build a readable narrative out of dense science and history and the play-by-play recollections of meteorologists, ships' captains and family and friends of victims. Tracking all of the characters can be difficult, but Miles does a masterful job of telling the human tale of of the storm." Read the full review here:

Colette Bancroft, Book Editor for the Tamba Bay Times, calls Superstorm "Thrilling…Even for those of us who have heard countless hurricane stories, Superstorm is a valuable addition. It goes beyond the scary radar screens and harrowing photos of the aftermath to the ongoing, massive problems of predicting and surviving such storms." Read the full review here:

Kathryn recently appeared on Wisconsin Public Radio to discuss the looming weather satellite gap. Listen to audio archive of the interview here.

Newsday just included Superstorm on its list of must-read fall books. Read more here:

We are pleased to announce that Superstorm will be featured at the 2014 Miami Book Fair. Click here for more information on scheduled appearances:

Join Kathryn at the 22nd annual Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading:

Listen to Kathryn's recent interview on NPR's On Point:

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SUPERSTORM by Kathryn Miles